Taste INN is open for business!

Months of planning, organizing, connecting, brainstorming (brainfreezing sometimes) but finally the day has come were we can say: TASTE INN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! All of our tasties have done amazing work to get where they are, not just helping buildINNg (see what i did there) our new venture, but all the work that has led up to this point. 

The amount of experience we all bring to the table is just amazing! We know we can help you achieve your goals using that and some humor of course, we do like a laugh.. and food, we also like food, very very much!  

Did you know we are a part of The INN Company? The INN Company has several communities that work in a similar way. There is a community called Media INN, that specializes in all things Media, Marketing & Communication. There is another community called Sports INN, which specializes in Vitality, Health and Culture within organizations. So it was not very strange that we started Taste INN.. a community that specializes soly on the Food Industry. So let’s do this and show everyone why FOOD ROCKS!  

Taste INN powered by The INN Company