Brand identity is more than just the logo or product of your brand. It is the general impression you leave with the consumer, and the recognizable brand attributes that distinguish you from the competition. Simply put, a brand’s identity is its personality or as we like to say, it’s the face of your brand. Having a solid brand identity helps you make choices. In every decision-making process you rely on your brand identity. When your company has this, it possesses the guidelines for how it will handle every situation, every customer, every staff member, every communication and every message – even down to the type of font you use on your website and the colors of your company. Here is where we come in!


With this program we can help you create or rebrand your identity and show you the best ways of communication tooling to reach your goals. We have several sessions where we trigger, analyze, inspire and inform. After this program you will receive a strategic yet practical roadmap to achieve your goals using the right tools. There is an option to take out a membership for the execution of the roadmap. Just click here and ask for more information, our tasties are more than happy to help!

Our tasty menu


Campaigns, POS materials, Copywriting,

Storytelling, Translations

Social media

Content creation and advertising

Brainstorm sessions

Bounce ideas and explore new concepts to help provide new directions to develop

Project management

An all in one package to manage people, projects and everything in between

Design packaging + DTP

Package design that fits your product and aligns with your brand


From product pics to digital art pieces


From advertising ads to recipe clips


Rely on our designers to create every page of your website


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