Food Branding and why you need it!

If your business is producing or selling food products, your main goal is to attract attention, be unique, increase your turnover and have a fanbase of consumers who are emotionally connected to your brand.

Branding on the side

If you want to influence the market with your TASTY products, you need to build your brand. It’s not something you do overnight or without structure… or on the side. It’s very important to have a clear roadmap and strategy: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter

“How we Look-Book”

You need your own DNA. We call it “ a how we look-book”. This brand book contains the guidelines of your brand, your logo and color pallet, imagery and typography, tone of voice and so much more. All things that make it easier for designers, media, marketing and communication experts that you work with to stay consistent in content delivery and, like Michael Porter said, for people to know EXACTLY what NOT to do.

Everybody loves a good story

As we said before, you need a fanbase that is emotionally connected to your brand. And what better way to that than to use storytelling. It is the way to create, reach and engage consumers for your brand. That is why it is very effective to use it in your content strategy. “The greatest art in the world, is the art of storytelling.”- Cecil B. DeMille

Hope we gave you a bit more insight! If you need guidance with any of this, you know where to find us!


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