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We are proud to present you Taste INN where we dazzle you with our creative community of food experts and lovers, also known as the “tasties”. We will be here to help you tell your foodstory from A to Z and everything in between. We bring out the best taste, making life sooo much better.

We believe that food connects, food is shared, food is fun, food is love! All that combined makes that food rocks! So now you know this, go and look at our logo again:)



Not like the “salad-dressing on the side” love, or “I don’t eat carbs” kinda love… when we say love, we mean the “9 courses with all the toppings and all the sauces and a cherry on top please” kinda love.

We started this community out of this love. Entrepreneurs in food with a proven track record in concept development, storytelling, packaging, marketing, communication and those who have that bit of spice for that extra taste. We believe that the term consumer no longer applies in this era. Somewhere along the way they have become ambassadors, friends, family even. With the right use of storytelling, you will reach their hearts and minds and you will stay there.

We create and we deliver thanks to all the tasties in our community. Photographers that are also digital artists (I mean come on!?), storytellers that speak 9 languages fluently, event planners to coordinate tastings and fairs, designers that make your packaging pop, foodvloggers that use your product and make the most delicious recipes..we can go on and on!

See below a variety of services we offer.

Whether it’s still just a thought in your mind or a product in your hands, we are here to help you design or re-design your story

Our tasty menu


Campaigns, POS materials, Copywriting,

Storytelling, Translations

Social media

Content creation and advertising

Brainstorm sessions

Bounce ideas and explore new concepts to help provide new directions to develop

Project management

An all in one package to manage people, projects and everything in between

Design packaging + DTP

Package design that fits your product and aligns with your brand


From product pics to digital art pieces


From advertising ads to recipe clips


Rely on our designers to create every page of your website

One of our tasties made this! #visualmagic


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